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Established in 1991, Balaska Equipamentos is the Brazil's leading distributor of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety products and also a manufacturer of rain coats, hearing protectors, etc. With headquarters located in São Paulo, Balaska employs approximately 165 people and maintains operations that extend around the Brazilian territory through its 6 Distribution Centers located in strategic cities to ensure geographical coverage.

Balaska is a combination of safety knowledge, innovation, superior service, quality and a broad portfolio of products used by professionals in the fire service, law enforcement, construction, oil and gas, chemical, homeland security, and many other industries, as well as the military.
Thinking of it, Balaska is always investing in new technologies and partnerships enabling us to offer to our customers the best in PPE’s, with professional assistance and a great variety of brands.

In summary, the Company is very proud of its progress but also sees a huge opportunity for further expansion. Our people, our dedication to service and quality and our desire to improve and grow will continue to enable us to attain new levels of success.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide the best solution, quality products and services that protect people's health, safety and the environment through a continuous search for new technologies and suppliers benefiting thousands of customers across the Brazilian territory.

Customer Services
Our team’s extensive experience and knowledge provides clients with a complete approach to eliminate and control existing and potential hazards in their facilities. The choice of the product and its correct usage are the main factors to its good performance.

Leader in the market for quality, image and assistance, Balaska represents the most qualified technological reference in terms workplace safety solution. In fact, over the years, we have become synonymous of high quality and prestige all over the safety world in Brazil. Balaska's continued investment in product research and design also ensures compliance with all applicable standards and Brazilian legislation.

Quick Delivery
Agility and planning makes Balaska a distributor with competency and professionalism. Its distribution systems and logistics are completely computerized, offering an excellent service level. Balaska places its products in the national market in record time, fulfilling the customer’s expectations and needs. The dedication of the workers to quick service is another reason for the Company's continued success.


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